Precize Complex Analysis-II


The entire subject matter in the present book has been arranged in a simple, systematic, graded, lucid and exhaustive manner. Each chapter begins with definitions followed by theorems with complete proofs and solved problems. A large number of notes and remarks have been added for better understanding of the subject. For UGC-CSIR NET examination, some MCQ’s from the previous years papers and other similar questions have been added at the end of the book.


Maximum Modulus principle, Schwarz’ Lemma, Taylor series and Laurent series. Singularities, Cauchy’s residue theorem. Calculus of residues, bilinear transformations. Zeros and poles of meromorphic functions, Rouche’s theorem, Argument Principle.

       Definitions and examples of conformal mappings. Infinite products, Weierstrass theorem, Mittagleffer’s theorem, Canonical product, Analytic Continuation through power series (basic ideas), Natural boundary, the Gamma function and Riemann Zeta function.

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