Rapidsol Theory Of Equations (P.U.)


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The present book provides a comprehensive treatment of the concepts and topics by giving a vast variety of examples fully solved. The entire subject matter has been arranged in a systematic, graded, simple, lucid and exhaustive manner. Each chapter begins with some definitions followed by theorems with complete proofs and solved problems. A large number of notes and remarks have been added for a better understanding of the subject.


Euclid’s algorithm, Synthetic division, Roots and their multiplicity. Complex roots of real polynomials occur in conjugate pairs with same multiplicity. Relation between roots and coefficients. Transformation of equations. Descartes’ Rule of Signs.
Newton’s method of divisors, Solution of cubic and bi-quadratic equations, Cardon’s method of solving a cubic, Discriminant and nature of roots of real cubic, Trigonometric solutions of a real cubic with real roots. Descartes’ and Ferrari’s method for a bi-quadratic.

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